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Welcome to our Adventure

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fairwinds & Safe Passages

   Our next adventure started in early October when we left Harrisburg, PA on a rainy Thursday.  We did not let the rain dampen our spirits as we were heading west on our newest adventure - road trip!  We had stops in Indianapolis and Minneapolis/St. Paul to see family and friends.  We also had stops in Rapid City, South Dakota area to see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, The Bad Lands, The Black Hills and Sturgis.  Fortunately, our timing at the national parks was perfect for the government had decided to go back to work and the parks had reopened the previous day to our arrival at the The Bad Lands National Park.  Next, we were off to Cody, Wyoming, the eastern gateway to Yellowstone Park.  On our travels to Cody we crossed over the Big Horn Mountain range which had just received 2 feet of snow in the higher elevations.  The new truck with four wheel drive performed flawlessly.  The drive from Cody was fantastic, and we hadn't entered Yellowstone Park yet.  The drive through Yellowstone was unbelievable with  snow covered mountains, and we had the park to ourselves.  Remember, the national park system had just reopened and we were in Yellowstone Park 3 days afterwards so the vehicle traffic was almost non-existent.  I would estimate we saw less than 30 cars in our travels in from the east entrance, around Lake Yellowstone and out the South entrance.  Then, to our surprise, we drove south to Grand Teton National Park,  what a view!  Our final destination was quickly upon us as we drove down Logan Canyon from Bear Lake.  At the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range was to be our new home, Logan, Utah.  Logan was selected during the long hot summer while we were in Brunswick, GA.  Logan is almost geographically centered between the Canadian and Mexican borders allowing us to explore the Continental Divide, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest.   Logan also offers many amenities including many things we did not have as boaters.  The choice of at least 5 different well stocked grocery stores, numerous restaurants and all the other benefits of a small metropolitan area of about 100,000.
      Since our arrival in Logan, we have found a beautiful brand new apartment complex.  As it is a new complex we had our choice of over 90 apartments to choose from.  We are now on the third/top floor with a fantastic view of the Wasatch mountains from our 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment.  Our apartment also includes a study, one of only 12 units with this floorplan. And forget about steps, we have an elevator.  We also have covered parking to protect our new truck from the sun and snow.  We have also rented a garage on site, who knows what new toys may be stored in there.  There was one catch to securing this rare find, the complex is a 55+ facility and we are the youngest residents at the moment albeit I am over 55.
      In my traditional blog fashion I will close out this blog entry as I have grown to do in the past, the ending is the blog entry title.  This is our last entry to the Big Run blog.  Our adventures will continue but I have decided to make this our last Big Run blog entry.  The Big Run blog was a journal of our adventures from Big Run, the log home, to Big Run, the home on the water.  Thank you to our family, friends and readers for your support on the blog over the years and with that being said I must now say Fairwinds & Safe Passages!


Rick, Deb and Izzy aboard M/V Broulee said...

Good luck on your new adventure, will miss Big Run! It's been a "Good Run".
Your Friends,

Big Run said...

Thanks Rick, Deb & Izzy,

Some of our fondest boating memories included the crew of Broulee. Fair winds and safe passages.

Bob & Sharon

Gerry Etzold said...

We were reminiscing about our trip to the Bahamas back in 2011 and got to wondering what ever happened to you guys. Wow, you sold Big Run over a year ago. Are you still in Logan?

We sold Monk's Vineyard in July 2013 (gave her away would be a better word for it). We just bought a small travel trailer and are starting to plan for our next adventure.

Gerry & Linda

Big Run said...

Hi Gerry & Linda

Good to hear from you. I'm always reminiscing about the Bahamas including our first crossing with you and Second Star and especially the 5F celebrations, sundowners and watching for green flashes. Yes, we are still in the Logan area enjoying life. I will drop you an email, or you can drop us a line, we are still using our email addy from our boat card. I still have your boat card - Bob

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